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god please bless this

honestly great


Louis Garrel .The dreamers (2003).


Louis Garrel .
The dreamers (2003).


Caroline Trentini & Louis Garrel in “Roman Holiday” by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue US, June 2014

Actresses are so spoilt - we have someone who does our hair for us on set, so we don’t know how to do it ourselves in real life. I know how to wash my hair and brush my teeth, but that’s about it!


Les Echos March 2012 featuring Amber Anderson in “Young Jubilee” photographed by Carlotta Manaigo.

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When everything is over, and the worst has happened, there’s still one thing left in pandora’s box. Hope.

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"Everything is changing..."
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BTS Caps SE 221, Zero Day 

How they put POI together & all the ‘Easter Eggs’, we got in SE221~~  JJ, Greg & Richard in the eppy, but also, Amanda Segel, David Slack, Michael Pitt and Mitch and his famous burrito

It really is amazing how & what goes into each eppy

(From the View from The Machine)

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